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Commercial Services


Corporate Office Remodeling

When your business is looking to expand or redesign the workplace, that’s where our professionals at D Christjan come in! Corporate Office Remodeling improves your business and can also help increase productivity and improve employee morale. It’s an investment that has the ability to positively impact your company image both internally and externally.

Commercial Portfolio

Corporate Kitchen Remodeling

D Christjan offers professional, cost-effective corporate kitchen remodeling solutions, handled with superior care and craftsmanship. Our professionals at D Christjan are always working tirelessly to save you both time and money. We will gladly meet with you at during our regular business hours to discuss the many possibilities for your future corporate kitchen remodel.

Commercial Portfolio

Traditional Face Frame Series

Full Overlay
Flush Inset
Beaded Inset

European Frameless Series

Traditional & Contemporary
Exotic Veneers and Lamination
Commercial Case Work

Architectural Wood Carving

Custom Carved Doors + Carved Moldings
Furniture Parts
Carved Ceiling Panels