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DChristjan Fine Cabinetry is a leader of cabinet manufacturing in Southern California who blends skilled artisans using old-world craftsmanship with state of the art machinery. Through automation with the precision of modern CNC technology and software as well as the quality of hand-crafted construction. We have the unique ability to provide a highly customized cabinet product in high volumes.

Once your kitchen has been designed and drawn to your satisfaction, our team of skilled engineers produce technical drawings, precise cultists, and directives for the factory personnel. Our expert technicians use those directives to operate the machines that prepare the cabinetry for assembly. Meanwhile, master woodworkers then build your furniture grade cabinetry with great care and painstaking detail. Quality is our priority, especially during the intricate detailing and finishing processes.

DChristjan Phil Vonk


Since 1987, Phil has worked in the Interior Design Industry providing elegant and luxurious remodel services to Interior Design professionals. He offers professional and thorough cabinet design direction, budget and project management through completion.

Phil began his creative career path in Glendale, California as a floral designer at the young age of 15, his love for designing and mixing colors led him to become a painting and decorating professional in the 80’s. Phil is a perfectionist and quickly became noticed for his wallpaper hanging skills. He obtained his first client through his reputation for wallpaper hanging and custom remodeling service. Later when the wallpaper trend had diminished, Phil was trained in special painting methods by his uncle who worked for the film industry in Hollywood.


Phil & Laurie Vonk founded DChristjan Fine Cabinetry Design & Manufacturing in 2004 and have transformed it into one of the most specialized high-end custom cabinet manufacturing companies in Southern California. The name D Chrisjan was inspired by their two young boy’s David & Christjan Vonk. Phil’s grandfather was a woodworker and craftsman in Holland who brought the Dutch- Made cabinetry tradition to his family and the Americas.

Following that long family heritage, DChristjan has been a leader in purchasing and integrating the latest breakthrough technologies made available to the woodworking industries in recent history. Because of DChristjan’s efficiencies through automation it has a unique ability to produce a highly customized product in large volumes opening the door to a larger share of the residential market unheard of for a highly customized cabinet product.

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It was natural for Phil to enter into the remodeling construction industry where Phil earned his license as a General contractor. Phil has been recognized as a specialist in luxury and estate remodeling construction.
Since then, Phil’s has earned his degree and become a certified Interior designer, specializing in Kitchen and Architectural millwork design.

Phil’s was raised in a home that has roots in the traditional tastes and styles, while his work in the fast-paced setting of Los Angeles, has given him a contemporary edge. Phil has been known for his transitional style with the unique ability to meld modern and classic kitchen design concepts together creating a fresh new style the industry is hungry for. He is a designer who can easily transition between a highly decorative traditional design style to a sleek modern look and everything in between.

The owner of DChristjan, Phillip Vonk activity performing cabinetry design for distinguished homeowners and corporate accounts quickly realized that by teaming his design concepts and his extensive construction expertise on costs and construction options could effectively save the client time and money.

Since that time, DChristjan has been working with clients who want the full spectrum of options and creativity. Our thought-provoking designs are unique to each client’s lifestyle and personality and we are able to create intimate spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, and highly functional”.

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